Treatment for Micro Phallus

When the new born child is detected with micropenis, the parent, in consultation with a medical team comprising of specialists like radiologists, pediatricians, geneticists, endocrinologists and urologists should discuss the treatment to be given to correct the size of the organ. The team should discuss all the options and the outcome frankly with the parents.
The treatment may include the following procedures.
If the cause has been determined as hormonal, testosterone stimulation is advised. The results are visible within 3 months.
Surgery is sometimes recommended along with hormonal treatment.
Gender reassignment is something that should be left to the child till he mature enough to decide for himself.
Another option is gender assignment. This does not involve surgery.

When the cause is due to genetic disorder, then the treatment and outcome can vary from one child to another. At such a time, it is essential for the parents to avail counseling. Parents should take part in a medical program to come to terms with the child’s problem. Learn more from penis enlargement bible review.

Social and Cultural issues

The penis defines a man’s sexuality. All men are obsessed with the size of their penis. This outlook influences treatment to a great degree. Gender realignment and surgery was the chief treatment in such cases. This decision was mostly taken due to social issues. The size of the penis was important and if it could not be altered then the next best choice was to realign the genital to female and the increase in production of female hormones was encouraged.
With research and medical advances in this field, there has slowly been a change in social attitudes. However, all this requires a lot of support for both the child and the parents. With support, most men with micro phallus have come to terms with the small size of their penis and have enjoyed an active sexual life.